Last update: 25-01-2021

Will the ski slopes be open in January 2021?

At the moment, the ski resort and pistes of Saint Francois Longchamp are closed due to current covid measures. There is still a curfew in France from 6 p.m. Ski resorts (lifts may not run and no reopening date is yet in sight).



“The situation around Covid-19, travel advice and measures are very much subject to change. We are keeping a close eye on the changes. Villa Parcs examines 10 to 14 days before the start of the holiday whether the holiday can go ahead”.

Villa Parcs is following the advice and measures regarding Covid-19 from the government (click here for current travel advice in France). Click on the buttons below for more information about the current Covid terms and conditions and general terms and conditions.



Despite the uncertainty that covid-19 brings, we have every confidence in winter sports opportunities at Parc Madeleine. Parc Madeleine is spacious and the chalets and flats have comfortable living rooms and well equipped kitchens. After a day on the slopes it is a good place to stay in our accommodations. No reason to look for crowds!

Villa Parcs works closely with the local government and tourism office which provides information and coordination of covid-19 ski protocols in the winter sports village of Saint Francois Longchamp. Together we ensure a responsible skiing holiday.